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THE TINY TOES Daycare Centre is exclusively designed to support the parents who want to see their kid safe and comfortable while they are away at their places of work. We ensure to give a healthy and a nurturing space for the children to grow with a stimulative routine that includes their naptime, grooming and loads of fun with the indoor and outdoor activities available to them.

They also have an access to the school library to educate themselves with the huge variety of books they would love to read. Friday being a last day of the week is also a free day where the routine takes a U-turn to the activities a child wishes to do. It could be colouring, painting, reading, writing, playing with the soft toys and puppets, indoor or outdoor, in fact anything they wish to do. This also includes a movie screening which is always in demand by the kids on a Friday.

 The kids are kept active and happy and this is what sets us apart that we, at THE TINY TOES, never allow a child to lazy around or become lethargic which in turn plays a very vital role in moulding them to a hard and a smart working kid. This is the very reason that not only the staff but the kids too shower their love and respect to the care and kindness shown to them. THE TINY TOES have left no stone unturned to make sure the kids feel at home away from home. 




If you wanna go out for Shopping or Movie or an Outing and do not know where to leave the kids??? No worries …The Tiny Toes is here to help u… We welcome all the kiddos to have Fun and Enjoyment irrespective of the fact whether they are registered with us or not. We will take care of them till you are back for the most reasonable package ever…So Just make your day & as well as your Kiddos.


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