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THE TINY TOES has always focused on learning methods and techniques that are relevant and modern. The Montessori curriculum is combined with IB board method which we, have further personalized keeping in mind the all round development of the child.The day begins with yoga and exercises followed by the Montessori toys and learning. Next comes the writing and coloring, which is according to the theme and concept. Now, when the children have worked so hard for so long, then it’s time for a break of yummy healthy food. Then, is the favorite part of every kid here at THE TINY TOES; the rhymes and the story session told in a very musical way on our smart screen. And the day happily ends with loads of fun having a free play. We at THE TINY TOES strongly believe that a good curriculum is not just following the books and the course material, but also, teaching them manners and socializing qualities enriching them as a better person to grow up to be.


Teacher Kids Ratio 1: 50

The staff at THE TINY TOES are Montessori trained and well experienced who keep the surroundings safe and well managed. The team work of both the teaching and non-teaching staff makes sure that the child is comfortable, happy and also takes a good care of the tasks to be done every day. This helps the child to settle down in no time. The best part is that not only the staff, but kids also extend their comfort towards the care and kindness shown to them.

Activities for Children


The child gets the practical knowledge by the touch and feel concept of the Montessori toys enhancing their fine motor and gross motor skills. It is an excellent method to develop the practical as well as theoretical knowledge.


We at THE TINY TOES, have customized our curriculum and activities according to the children, in which the concept and theme are first introduced, then learned, and then again revised with the child to bring the best out of them.


We Progress with the advanced technology of smart screen system to enhance the kids skill. These normal things become more beautiful when they are shown visually in a musical manner and this is what the kids love the most.


Playing makes a child smarter, healthier and happier. The indoor and outdoor games explore the kids skills , makes them healthier and we at THE TINY TOES, are loaded with toys and activities that makes them feel as an all-rounder.


Yoga and Exercise keeps the children physically and mentally fit for long period of time. This enables them to concentrate on their regular activities and pay more attention to complete their work. But, most of all, kids love yoga, because, it’s great fun; as simple as that.


Sand and water play encourages the development of eye-hand coordination through pouring, squeezing, stirring, scrubbing etc. They enhance creativity as their hands are in different textures and temperatures. This is a relaxing activity which children can experience with fun.


Puppets are the cutest and powerful way of bringing story time to life that kids will like the most from it. Children can beautifully relate and stimulate their imagination, encourage creative play , happiness and discover a wonderful interactive way to the world of toys and puppets.


Health and Hygiene being the most important part of any environment, THE TINY TOES have taken utmost care to maintain it well. We not only provide a healthy and hygienic surrounding, but, also emphasise on the good cleanliness habits of the kids, which become a routine in their day to day life.

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